Chaotic Cycle of Emptiness w/Rachelle Mecca @Char's


Friday, May 24, 2024 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm


Char's Landing

4815 Argyle Street, Port Alberni


[email protected] Call or text 289-696-3154

We’re launching and celebrating Rachelle Mecca’s third published book of poetry, completing a trilogy written across 3 years:
Chaos of Tao (2020),
Reverse Cycle, Repeat (2021)
Emptiness of the Way (2022)

These works are an expression of Rachelle’s lived experiences during these tumultuous years. A sense of travel, new beginnings, emotional hardship and growth. She peers at the world with unique eyes, challenging the status quo, unafraid of difficult topics, courageously facing change, and finding peace in her heart.

Rachelle is a poet residing in Port Alberni, BC. With her passionate love for tea, she owns MeccaTea, through which she sells her books. This love has inevitably steeped its way into her poetry.

Inspired by beat poets, metal music, a flicker of jazz, funk, and a little psychedelic, Rachelle performs spoken word and singing, with storytelling throughout brought to life by freeform instruments played by accompanying musicians.

This will be an entertaining and engaging show with a little bit of an open format. Musicians will be on stage or invited up. There will be opportunities for audience participation and space for performers on open mic.

***Trigger Warning*** Topics of violence, death, suicide, panic attacks, trauma


Tickets $20 and can be purchased through Rachelle
E-transfer [email protected]
Call or text 289-696-3154

Zoom is available to attend online!
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