Particulate matter: composition and origin


Tuesday, November 2, 2021 - 11:37pm


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Particulate matter: composition and origin

One example is the different climate in the well-known vacation paradise of the Maldives. The group of islands stretches about 750 km in a north-south direction in the Indian Ocean. On the southern islands you almost always have the most beautiful weather with blue skies and sunshine. However, the northern Maldives are only a good 400 km from the southern tip of India. Satellite images show that large cloud formations emanate from the industrial areas there, causing the weather on the northern islands to be much cooler and rainier than on the southern ones - do my assignment . The main cause of this is dust emissions from the industrial plants, which are inadequately equipped with modern filter technology.

Dust pollution: development and countermeasures

The localized cooling caused by large dust and aerosol clouds even partially counteracts the greenhouse effect caused by carbon dioxide produced during combustion.

A second option is to equip diesel vehicles with a soot filter. These filters can remove up to 99% of the soot particles from the exhaust gas. However, the corresponding technology is only widespread for passenger cars and not for trucks, which emit significantly more particulate matter.

This means that the possibilities for reducing particulate matter pollution in the short term have almost been exhausted - chemistry problem solver . In the long term, the problem could be solved by using alternative energy sources.

However, it should be pointed out once again that in earlier times, dust emissions were many times higher than they are today. Despite all the undisputed health risks, a sense of proportion must be maintained in the discussion. It was not the sudden increase in fine dust pollution that woke the journalists in their leather armchairs, but the introduction of an EU directive.

By the way, everyone can minimize their personal exposure to particulate matter very easily - . According to an Italian study, the smoke from one cigarette contains as much particulate matter as a diesel passenger car emits on a 200 km trip. Avoiding cigarette smoke is therefore at least as effective as the soot filter in diesel vehicles.

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