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Congratulations to the Winners of our 1st annual Writing competition!!

we have two winners who were tied for first place.  They are: Pat Cowdell and Devon Coles whose stories can be read in the winter issue of the magazine. 

(Editor's note: Sadly, Pat passed away and our hearts go out to her family and friends.  A nice touch is that her story is an excellent example of joy overcoming sadness and will be used as a teaching tool for people who suffer from depression.)


Marigold Productions Publishing Company is a registered Canadian Publisher and is interested in publishing books of many different genres.


Devil Child Marigold Productions Anne Pley

The first book published by Marigold Productions is a story of two women on a rice plantation in Georgia. They are both slaves; one was kidnapped in Africa and transported to a new life in the United States. The other was born on the plantation and knows no other life. The title of the book is Devil Child. This book is the first of a trilogy which together spans five generations.

Click here to read a FREE CHAPTER from the Devil Child.

You can order and pay for the book using the payment form below. Printed book: $19 (shipping & handling included). E-book: $10.


The Rose Garden - book cover

When finding the most precious rose in her mother's garden becomes a prerequisite for saving baby Polly from an awful fate her sister, Regan, needs to know what would make one precious? Is it colour, scent, size, rarity or none of these? Regan has no idea. When she finds one that is never touched by human hands but only by the hand of God, she thinks she has a winner.

This book teaches the importance of RESPONSIBILITY, the magic of KNOWLEDGE, the WISDOM of thinking outside the box, the TRUST of accepting help when all seems lost and the JOY of completing a task. It relies on the BELIEF of a child. With seven full page illustrations like the one on the cover, this book will be loved by the children who likes fairy stories.

Order now for Christmas delivery for the Christmas Special price of $19.00 including S&H (printed). E-book: $10.


What's Up Port Alberni?

What's Up Port Alberni Magnize Cover Spring 2018 Marigold Productions Anne Pley

Marigold Productions Publishing Company has been creating the magazine called What’s Up Port Alberni? since the first issue was introduced in the fall of 2015. The magazine is a quarterly production and is made for the entertainment of the people of Port Alberni. It is not a tourist magazine although oddly enough, it has gone all around the world. The magazine is written and printed in Port Alberni.

What’s Up Port Alberni? is a free magazine but it may be subscribed to in order to facilitate home delivery. Subscribers also have their names entered into prize draws with each issue.

Advertisers receive the best presentation of their ads in terms of clarity and colour from Marigold Productions Publishing Company than they would from any other local publication. As well, the magazine purchases goods from its advertisers to give away in the draws. This is a unique concept that will not be found in other venues.

Marigold Productions Publishing Company is interested in submissions of articles and/or stories from writers and will consider ideas for articles and stories put forward by readers of the magazine.

Copies of the What’s Up Port Alberni? magazine may be picked up at the advertisers. However, if the advertisers run out, then copies are available at our office for pickup. Phone, email or just drop in.

Contact Marigold Productions

Address: 4641 Margaret Street, Port Alberni, BC
Telephone: 778-421-5244
Editor: Anne Pley

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