Why choose an electric bicycle?

Electric bicycles eliminate most of the hurdles that conventional bike owners face, from that sinking feeling you get at the sight of a steep hill to concerns about getting hot and bothered on your way into work. They're also surprisingly cheap to run, very quiet, and can even help get & keep you fit. Basically, they make bicycling fun again!
At the same time, they're more expensive than the average normal bicycle would be, and there's a bit of extra effort involved in that you have to plug them in to charge the battery up.
Let's take a closer look at the benefits and drawbacks associated with electric bicycles. Overall, the pros would seem to outweigh the cons, but feel free to make up your own mind...
The pros and cons of electric bike ownership
A chance to get in better shape: Electric bikes make journeys, especially those involving hills, less daunting than they would be on a conventional bike. So you're likely to use your electric bicycle more often than you would use a normal bike.
Pedal assist bikes such as the PEDEGO allow the rider three options:
1)Comfortable pedaling unassisted by a motor (like a regular bicycle)
2)Partial assist (you pedal while under power, still exercising but not as strenuously)
3) Full assist (you sit back and enjoy the ride!)
Many cycle purists recoil at the thought of ever riding an electric bicycle, but after having tried one, they tend to see the benefits quickly. Using a pedal assist bike allows you to experience the invigorating wind in your face atmosphere of transportation by cycle, while eliminating the downside of steep terrain and distances longer than you would normally ride!
Cheap to run, and may even save you money: In day to day use, the hydro costs are barely noticeable to fully charge the battery on an electric bike. That’s incentive right there when the price of gas ranges anywhere from $1.20 to $1.50 per liter. Sure, there's the eventual cost of repairs to the motor, and the battery eventually wears out, (which happens with any vehicle). However, every journey you take by bicycle, thus leaving the car at home, is a huge amount of fuel saved, essentially putting money back in your pocket - and that's before you've even begun to look for parking lot, or a metered parking space. If you are in the market for an electric bike, buy one that has an outstanding reputation like PEDEGO. Dealers of these bikes are easily able to get you replacement parts and batteries when the time comes. PEDEGO uses lithium ion batteries, and they have a 3yr prorated warranty. With proper care a battery should last about five years.
No hassle ownership: Under current law, electric bikes don't qualify as "motor vehicles" so you don’t need to have a license, or specific insurance.
Easy to "refuel": Find a 110v outlet, plug in, wait a bit - you're done!
Dodge traffic to get there faster: For shorter journeys, you may find it's quicker to get around by electric bicycle than by car or even by motorcycle. After all, you don't have to get stuck in traffic, you can usually use cycle lanes and other facilities for cyclists and you don't have to waste time driving around and around trying to find a parking space when you get there.
A safer, more controlled riding experience: Because electric bicycles will go faster uphill than you can pedal a normal bicycle, cars will pass you at a lower speed difference. You can also accelerate faster to get out of any tricky road situation you happen to find yourself in, or to pull away at junctions and traffic lights. And you can remain more alert since you never have to pedal all-out with your head down, or standing on the pedals. A PEDEGO bicycle’s motor is governed at 32km per hr. That is the legal limit in BC for electric bikes.
Extended range: The assistance provided by an electric bicycle will extend the range that you're able to cycle before you get tired, making it an option for journeys that you might formerly only have considered doing by car. After all, some electric bikes like PEDEGO have a range of 30 to 50 km per charge., and if you have access to a 110v outlet at your destination to charge the battery for the return journey, you can go further still. Distance does depend on rider weight, terrain, and wind speed. With conservative use some riders are getting up to 70 km per charge. (terrain & rider weight dependant)
Enjoy the cyclist's shortcuts: since electric bikes can be ridden on cycle tracks and other designated cycle-specific routes, you can take full advantage of the same shortcuts and lack of congestion that a regular cyclist can. Some buildings allow an area for cyclists to bring their bike inside as well. PEDEGO has a removable battery that is securely and discreetly locked in place on the bicycle. There is also a rear wheel lock built into the frame on the Comfort Cruisers for additional security. It is always suggested to have and additional lock for the front wheel though.
Ability to dress more: Because you're going to be exerting yourself less than on a regular bike, you can choose to wear stronger, thicker clothing that protects you from abrasions if you fall off, or keeps you warmer/drier in bad weather - without worrying about getting too hot.
Less exertion and less sweat: You'll have to put in less effort riding an electric bicycle versus a conventional bike, especially up hills or into headwind, so you're less likely to end up at work all sweaty. That's important, especially if your workplace doesn't give you access to showers or changing facilities. On the way home take the opportunity to work up as much sweat as you want by riding unassisted, and save time having to fit a work out into your schedule.
A quiet ride: Unlike mopeds and scooters with their noisy engines, the motor on an electric bicycle is almost silent, meaning that you can enjoy the sounds of your surroundings - and you're more likely to hear danger before it gets too close.
More expensive than many normal bikes: A quality  electric bicycle such as a PEDEGO generally starts around $2100.00 and goes up from there, which is significantly more than a typical normal bike will set you back. Of course, if you were to buy a custom bike, or a racer made out of lightweight composite materials, you could easily end up spending thousands of dollars, so at some point the pendulum swings back the other way.
Heavier to push or pedal when the battery runs out: The engine, battery pack, and associated controls all add significantly to the weight of an electric bike. A PEDEGO bike typically weighs about 60lbs.That's not a problem so long as the battery is charged up and ready to help you pedal, but if all you're dealing with is the "dead weight" of a bike with its battery drained, it makes a real difference. Again choose a bicycle which has a quality battery with good range, and take the time to learn how to use it efficiently. There are many ways to save power, and extend your ride.
Less choice at purchase time: Dozens of companies compete to sell thousands of models of regular bike. There are far fewer companies turning out electric bicycles, especially quality, long lasting ones, and correspondingly fewer bike styles and types to choose from. PEDEGO has 4 models to choose from,
The Classic Comfort Cruiser (regular & step through),
24” Cruiser (for riders 5’3” and under),
The Interceptor (regular & step through, originally invented for bicycle police & security officers)
The City Commuter (regular & step through).
These bikes come in a wide variety of colors as well.
An extended charging time: It can take at least 4 hrs to charge a battery pack of an electric bicycle from flat to full, so it's not like a car where you just pump in some more petrol and go. This isn't a problem for regular journeys that you're used to making, but you need to think through the charging issue carefully if you're planning an extended trip to somewhere you've not been before.
A more tempting target for thieves: Because electric bicycles generally cost more than regular bicycles, and also hold their used value much better, they make tempting targets for bicycle thieves. The usual common-sense rules of bike ownership apply: always secure the bike with a sturdy lock or ideally two locks of different types to a fixed, immovable object (and consider supplementing these locks with fork locks on the bike itself), and don't park it somewhere where a thief could work on it for any length of time without being observed. Pedego bikes have a locking mechanism on the battery & the rear wheel that makes it easily removable for you, but a hassle for others. The battery also has a handy built in carrying handle.
Younger children are excluded: The law states that riders must be sixteen and older to operate an electric bicycle.
Electric transportation is the way of the future. Our society is slowly shifting towards getting out of our cars more often, and realizing that a short trip for errands can also be a relaxing de-stressing adventure when taken on a bicycle.
If you are curious about an electric bike, how they handle, and wonder if it’s something you would enjoy, then come to The Comfort Zone and take a PEDEGO out for a test ride. As you continue with your research of brands you will have a clear  understanding of what it feels like to ride one of the best built e-bikes on the market.