A tour in three parts of the Port Alberni murals

Port Alberni’s great murals revisited
By Winter Darbey, [with photos by the author and R Gunn (these will enlarge with a left click) and with the help of the Historical Society archives and Meg Scoffield]
One thing Port Alberni is known for, besides its past industrial heydays and its present slow decay, is the beautiful artwork painted on the walls–vivid, unique murals of the West Coast. They mark our town as a unique haven of arts and culture, as a place that celebrates both its heritage and the natural beauty surrounding it, and as a quaint tourist destination.
Tourists are immediately drawn to them and pull out their cameras. As locals, however, they become just another part of the scenery to us after walking by them hundreds of times. They are worth a second look, even a quiet contemplative tour.
Winter Darbey and Robert Gunn decided to revisit the ones that are still in existence, and talk about what makes them unique and interesting. The tour started at Canal Beach.
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