Requesting Proposals for Former Fish Plant

I.                 Introduction & Overview
The Port Alberni Port Authority (PAPA) is requesting proposals from interested parties to enter into an agreement for the occupation and utilization of a facility, which has been designed for and operated as a fish processing plant until March 31, 2011. The facility also includes a commercial fishing ice-making plant. The facilities shall be assumed where is and as is by the successful proponent. 
Proposals will be evaluated on highest and best use of the area and may include use of current facilities or creation of new.
Provision of commercial fishing ice sales is highly desired.
II.               Description of Land
3140D, Harbour Road, Port Alberni, BC.
The subject property is located on the west side of Harbour Road, one block north of Argyle
Street in the south sector of the City of Port Alberni, BC.
Lot Size and Area:
The subject property is irregular in shape and has an estimated area of 2,216.4 m2 (22,888
The property is level and at road grade.
Vehicular access to the property is off Harbour Road. Boat access is via the Alberni Inlet and
Port Alberni harbour.
The subject lot has good visibility
Street Improvements:
Harbour Road is a two-lane asphalt paved road. Some curbs and gravel shoulders are installed.
Hydro, city water, natural gas, telephone, cable, sanitary and storm sewers and garbage pickup are available. Fire protection is provided by the City of Port Alberni Fire Rescue and police protection is provided by the RCMP.
Surrounding Properties:
The subject property is located in a transitional area comprising older light to heavy industrial users, tourist and commercial uses along with some commercial retail and office uses. Two blocks south is a mix of new multi family developments and older single family residence. The downtown core of south Port Alberni is three blocks southeast.
Environmental Hazards:
The Port Alberni Port Authority is not aware of any environmental hazards relating to the existing use and is not qualified to comment on the current environmental condition of the property.
III.              Description of Improvements
The improvements comprise a 1 and 2-storey fish plant building. The foundation is a reinforced poured concrete footing and bearing wall structure. The main level floor is a poured concrete slab with built-in drainage channels in some areas. Aside from resilient flooring in a small main floor office, remaining floor areas are unfinished. Upper floor structure is primarily wood joists and plywood sheathings. Second floor reception, office and staff areas are resilient and wall to wall carpet finished.
Exterior walls are concrete block and metal clad finish. Roof structures are flat and have torch-on membrane finish. A covered deck for lunchroom and smoker use is constructed on the main floor building roof.
The main floor is primarily used for fish processing, packaging and freezing purposes. There are also electrical, compressor and workshop areas on this level. Main floor area is estimated to be 1,549 m2 (16,673 sq.ft.).
The upper floor comprises offices, a tech room, hydraulic room, storage areas, locker room, lunchroom and men’s and women’s washrooms. As well, there is a small laundry area. Upper floor area is estimated to be 288.1 m2 (3,101 sq.ft.).
The actual age of the fish plant is not known. It is a fair quality industrial building in fair condition overall. It has an effective age of 35 years and an estimated remaining economic life of 15 to 20 years.
IV.             Land Use Controls
The property is zoned W2 (Waterfront Industrial District) and M3 (Heavy Industrial District) as per the City of Port Alberni Zoning Bylaw No. 4395, enacted 1998. The general purpose of the two zones is to establish and maintain areas for industries related to fishing, marine transportation, ship building and maintenance along with establishing areas for heavy industrial and manufacturing activities.
V.               Submissions
All interested parties are encouraged to submit proposals in confidence by email in pdf format outlining their vision for the area and the facilities.  Note again, that the facilities are where is.
VI.             Contacts & Deadline
All interested parties should contact:
David McCormick,
Manager of Property & Community Relations
Port Alberni Port Authority
2750 Harbour Road
Port Alberni, BC, V9Y 7X2
Deadline: March 28, 2013 @ 12 noon