Positive Port Alberni!

Thanks to all of you who made the Canada Day Celebration on of the best ever in my memory. This old memory goes back to 1978. "I gazed and gazed and little thought, what wealth the show to me had brought..." These are words from William Wordsworth, and he would not mind me waxing poetic as I gazed upon this crowd from the stage. I thank the small group of dedicated members who spent hours together oranizing this party. We started meeting once a month, and then in June, we met twice a month, and come July, we met every week! And most of us were there.
Every one of you played a significant role, and we look forward to your continuing co-operation! It was truly a Folkfest. Festival of the People. We celebrated the Valley; there was no doubt about it. We held our evaluation meeting on Wednesday last, and you will be seeing the result on Canada Day 2010! With your constructive advices, we will continue to make this People Event, a wonderful climax to our year!
Back to the Folkfest! I am sure the members will agree with me that the main person responsible for the continuing success of the Canada Day Festival is our Parade Marshal, Gillian Shearwater. I heard of the countless hours that she has put into this parade, and I want to thank her personally for all her work. I know Gillian does not need my thanks, for she does this volunteer work out of the goodness of her heart. At last meeting, we were discussing proposals for the theme of Canada Day 2010.
Gillian suggested: Celebrating our Goals. After seeing close hand the organizing talent of this wonderful; human being, I am proposing that we honour Gillian in 2010, and CELEBRATE OUR TALENTS! I know that Gillian will try to shift this them to Goals, but I have been in contact with so many of you in this valley, and it is time that we celebrate your talents! Everyone of us has a talent, and I would like us to develop and use it for the good of this community. I now ask you. WHAT IS YOUR TALENT? This is not a boast. It is a gift that we have been given, and please do not go to your grave without using it!
WANTED!!! This celebration belongs to all of us. We are celebrating our National Birthday. We cannot allow Gillian to do all this wok in 2010. She is asking for assistance. I am sure that we have some talented people who will volunteer to help Gillian next year. You know your talent, celebrate it and use it to help Gillian. She is an excellent mentor for us all. Thanks in advance for your prompt reply! This is one of my talents. COMPLETE FAITH IN ALL MY FELLOW CITIZENS IN POSITIVE PORT! I know you will not let me down.
Our Annual General meeting will be held in November, and I do hope that you will attend. We shall make our final choice for the theme of 2010 at this meeting. Get involved! Let us hear your suggestions!
We shall be publishing a list of all those who helped in making Folkest 2009, one of the best ever!
This is my time to give person thank to two dedicated person who lead our choir. We had a most successful year, and I look forward to the coming season beginning in September! What makes people come week after week, and spend countless hours at home preparing tapes and music for this choir? As I look at them, I think of our first discussion topic for Food and Filosophy..Loving Unconditionally! Bonnie and Phil love us all
unconditionally. You doubt it, come and experience! Once again, I will be urging the members of the choir to wear red on Wednesday, symbolizing the LOVE which is present among us. Again, thanks to you Bonnie and Phil.
THANKS TO DIANNE AND JOE We had one of our most successful parties welcoming our newly retired colleague at their home on Tuesday last. The sun has been out for most of the past week, not on the morning of Tuesday the 7th! It rained!
That did not phase on the positive people from Port Alberni.ca! The rain did its thing, and we did our thing..positively. We had a most enjoyable time, and I thank both Joe and Dianne for being such wonderful host and hostess! I move that we meet one more at the Dvoraks next year! All in favour?
TO HELL WITH THE BELL! I have not been taking part at this annual breakfast on the re-opening of school. All teachers are my colleagues, and we, the retired, should look with respect and admiration on the present teachers. As Donne says: "Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.Those bells are tolling for both me and my colleagues. We are one.!"