Positive Port!

Welcome Lions to the Spring Conference!
It is here eventually. The A.V.Lions Spring Conference Committee has been working for over a year on this project. It will bring over 300 Lions to our City. For months, this committee has been working holding weekly meetings at Echo Centre.
It was in 1985 that we stage this convention, and the headquarters was Glenwood Centre. Many Lions told us that that was the best Spring Conference that they have attended, and they were asking us when we are going to do this project again. Under the leadership of Lion Monarch Robert Dalton, we again took the challenge. Now we have the Multiplex and North Island College, and I have no doubt that the Lions will be speaking highly about this Conference also.
The entire club has been taking an active part in the preparation, but we must salute the following members of the Spring Conference Committee: Robert Dalton, Russ McLaughlin, Tom Hall, Norm Fudali, George Smith, Don Hudson, Joe Dvorak and Joan Hall.
Do shower these visiting Lions with the usual Port Alberni Hospitality!
FOOD AND FILOSOPHY: The topic next month is Food! How conscious are you about the foods you eat? Is dieting good for us? Joyce Evans is a regular member of our association, and I have seen how she has lost a lot of weight over the past year. It was her time to do her topic, and I asked her to share her secret with us. She told me that she had been on the Glycemic Index Diet. She was reluctant to speak about this topic, but she has been encouraged by many of the members, for we, too were looking at ways to conquer obesity!. Come and hear Joyce tell us of her experience with the Glycemic Index Diet. Join us on May 4th at Dolce Vita, and let's philosophize about FOOD!
FESTIVAL OF CHOIRS.. This was held on Friday last at the Latter Day Saints Church. Unfortunately, there was a mistake on our paper on Friday, for it said that the Festival was going to be held on Sunday. Sorry about
that! You are specially invited to the Barclay Sounds Community Choir Concert on May 8th at the First United Church. Concert begins at 7 p.m.
SUSAN BOYLE..You know all about this singer. My lesson: Do not judge! Do not assume! As I look into the faces of many of the citizens of Port Alberni, I see many Susan Boyles in our midst. All they need is an
opportunity! This is what the poet Alexander Pope thinks of the many who have died without realizing their gifts! We are poorer for that!..
Full man a gem of purest ray serene, the dark unfathom'd caves of ocean bear. Full many a flow'r is born to blush unseen, and waste its sweetness on the desert air!