Positive Port!

One of the most difficult jobs in our association is the position of Parade Marshall. Many hours are spent on this task, and I am appealing to all of us to respond with action. Gillian Shearwater is now addressing you personally!
So far, over 125 invitations have been e-mailed or sent by postal mail, directly to groups and businesses in our community. All of those invitations were sent out before April 7th. If you haven't received an invitation, please conduct the parade co-coordinator as soon as possible. Our e-mail address is easy: CanadaDayParade@gmail.com. Telephone your questions to 724-7293. The deadline for all entries is June 10th.
If you are new to the Canada Day Parade, there is no need for an invitation. This is an inclusive community event (we welcome all sizes of entry) just contact us to request an entry form and informational package. Entry is free. All you need to do is submit you completed entry before June 10th.
Our theme this year is "Celebrate Our Valley!" There is so much to celebrate: our people and their accomplishments, events, industries, values-all of the things that make our Valley the best place to be. The
Canada events also celebrate our nation's birthday. If you're in the parade, help us celebrate 142 years of Canadian identity by flying the Canadian flag.
Do get in touch with the Parade Marshall before June 10th and made this one of our best parade ever in Port Alberni.
CELEBRATE THE WORD! Join us on May 27th at Abbeyfield. We have a special guest who told me that he has 100 poems in his head. He will be reciting some of these poems. Not all 100! I hope he will come back during the new session and continue to share all 100 poems with us. Included in these poems are Spanish and German poems. Come and hear Sylvia Springer read some of her own poems. Sylvia is a member of the Community Barclay choir. They had their concert on May 8th!
THANK YOU BARCLAY COMMUNITY CHOIR! Thanks to all of you who supported our concert. . We look forward to your continuing support. We are still recruiting. I was a scrutineer at the Provincial election, and I was privileged to be in conversation with a most interesting man..Harold Hamilton! I asked him to lend his mellifluous voice to our choir, and I look forward to seeing him among us on September 9th. Special thanks to both Bonnie and Phil Wallbank for the countless hours they have spent with us all. There is not doubt that this choir is making steady improvement.
FOOD AND FILOSOPHY: What topic would you like to discuss during the coming season? Here is your opportunity to come to the next meeting! We do not have a topic for June 1st! Members will be telling us of the topics that they would like to discuss during our next session beginning in September. I am interested in two topics: the meaning of love and states of consciousness. What is your meaning of love? In English, we seem to be limited in the way in which we use this word. We love gardening, basketball, food, family, hockey, friends, and God. The Greeks have words like: eros, philia, agape! I will share some materials on levels of consciousness. Now is the time to start thinking!