Positive Port!

Do take time to answer this important question. I think it is the goal of all of us to live a happy life! Now that you have been honest in your answer, I want to share with you the responses of the people who participated in this discussion at Food and Filosophy. We were lead by Sylvia Springer, and she told the gathering that she would like each person to respond to the following question: AM I HAPPY?
I have just eaten, I do not have a bill collector at my door, and I have roof over my head. What else do I need. I am happy.
I am not always happy. I face my mortality and have to come to peace with my being. I want to get to other worlds, for I am a soul survivor. I hope to be in the mansion with my heavenly Father. To be happy, I have to eradicate this loneliness and steer towards my cosmic address, and when I reach there, there will be the survival of my soul.
I was a marine captain, and the sea has taught me all about life, which is concerned with survival. We have to be honed inwardly, for it tells us who we really are. I look in and not out. Right now, I am going through a storm, but I know that I will survive. There is joy, which is neither good nor bad. I am happy!
Life to me is about accepting change. We can do nothing about the weather, so there is not point fighting the elements. I accept all the experiences that I encounter, and learn and grow! I am happy and have no worry about life.
I am very happy. My journey began with God and will end with my arrival at the heavenly mansion. I believe in looking over my life each moment, and the measure I take is asking myself. What will God do now? God is Love, and that is my mantra and goal. I am human, and will make many mistakes, but my Father is a forgiving
God, and so am I. Like St. Paul, I believe that I live, not only I but God within me, so with this divine union, I am supremely happy.
My intention is to life a congruent life. I constantly look within. I encounter joy when I am singing with the choir, or working with the residents at Heritage House. Where my joy and passion encounter, I am happy, but not always.
I have a lot to be happy about. I have most things that I want. Recently, I have become quite judgmental, comparing my accomplishments with others. It is at these times that happiness leaves me. In reality, I am very happy with what I have, where I am, and who I know. I am happy! Really, I am tickled pink!
I am fundamentally a happy person. The things that make me happy are very simple, like walking through the woods. I can feel when I am happy or unhappy.
I am content in where I am and what I am. The material things in live do not affect my happiness. Generally, I cannot say that I am happy or unhappy. I meditate each day and this contributes to my happiness.
I have been listening to expressions of happiness from the group, and I feel that the state of happiness is limited to a few of us mortals on this earth. These few happy people have some quality that few other people enjoy. You get this state by just being in their presence! This speaker did not feel himself as a receptacle
of happiness. Another speaker said that this man did not really know himself, for he was indeed happy!
I am by nature, hopeful. I consider myself to be fairly consistently happy!
I thank the people of Port Alberni for giving me the opportunity of being a dreamer in this community. For over thirty years, you have allowed me to discuss all types of ideas under the sun. I have written columns with the following headings: The Arts, Positive Thinking, The Gadfly, and now Positive Port. I have encountered many
of you who have read or not read these columns. The conversations have continued after I have written, and for this continuous stimulation, I give you thanks.
With your support, I have started: The Writer's Club, Let's Write Now, Neill Vibration, Port Alberni Wholistiic Organization, The Leo Club, Celebration of the Word , Positive Port Passionate People, Food and Filosophy!