Port Metro and their T2 project does not seem to have heard of PATH, PAPA and Sarita and barges, they are steaming full ahead

A Press Release by Port Metro:
Annual independent forecasts undertaken between 2011 and 2014 show that additional container capacity will be required on the Canadian west coast by the early to mid-2020s. The following graphic shows a 2014 third- party (Ocean Shipping Consultants) forecast for container traffic through Canada’s west coast to 2030. The stepped lines show projects, underway and in the planning stage, that will accommodate this increased demand.
[The graph proceeds to show DeltaPort, Pr Rupert Stage 1&2, Centerm, T2 and Inner Harbour – no mention of PATH-see link below ed]
The Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project is a proposed new three-berth container terminal in Delta, B.C. The Project would provide 2.4 million TEUs of container capacity per year, which will be required to meet forecast demand in the early to mid-2020s. The proposed Project is undergoing a federal environmental assessment by an independent review panel and requires regulatory approval before it can proceed.
 As part of the environmental assessment, Port Metro Vancouver is studying the potential Project-related effects of construction and operation activities. The results of Port Metro Vancouver’s studies will be documented in the Environmental Impact Statement, which will be submitted to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency in early 2015. During September and October 2014, Port Metro Vancouver conducted consultation regarding Preliminary Environmental Mitigation Concepts, the fourth round of Port Metro Vancouver-led consultation for the proposed Project. The focus of this consultation was to gather feedback regarding preliminary environmental mitigation concepts for topics that were raised as areas of interest by participants in previous rounds of consultation.Specifically, Port Metro Vancouver sought feedback regarding proposed environmental mitigation for the following topics: Light, Noise, and Air quality
 A Consultation Summary Report, summarizing the input received during this consultation, is available at portmetrovancouver.com/RBT2
Input received from public consultation, Aboriginal groups, and regulators will be considered and presented in the Environmental Impact Statement. View the Project video here:
[As a friend comments: so no mention of PATH as a solution to Lower Mainland/WC Canada continer handling needs. PATH appears to be a generational project- but we are not in that generation. Maybe several more need to pass before it makes sense-but to move forward now on that would be predicting the future and that is imprudent]
See for graph and full rept: