Port Authority Revenue Streams & Expense Obligations

The New Year also brings the start of a new fiscal year for the Port Alberni Port Authority. Contrary to some opinions, presumptions and assumptions, the Port Alberni Port Authority does not receive any tax dollars or any other public funds to support its operations or capital investments. The rare exception is the occasional funding program to which the Port Authority may make successful application in order to better leverage funds and maximize its contributions to our economy. To underscore how rare these instances have been Canadian Port Authorities have not been eligible to apply to Federal Funding Programs until 2008 and still remain restricted from many.
In fact, not only does the Port Authority not receive tax dollars it must, under its terms of operation under the Canada Marine Act, provide 2% of its gross revenue to the Government of Canada. Furthermore, under the terms of the Port Authority’s administration of the British Columbia Provincial Head Lease 50% of all revenues collected within this jurisdiction must be returned to the Province of BC. Locally, there is a standing Accord with the City of Port Alberni which calls for the Port to make a significant annual contribution to municipal operations. Additionally, in the spirit of partnership and prudent business operations the Port Authority also provides funding to the City to leverage its expertise and infrastructure in such areas as Economic Development, Information Technology and Human Resources.
All the while of disbursing such revenues right off the top, the Port is mandated to satisfy the needs of its users at a reasonable cost; maintain a high level of safety, security and environmental protection; and manage the marine infrastructure and services in a commercial manner that ensures it is financially self-sustaining.
The business streams from which the Port generates revenues and makes investments include:
• Berthage and loading of deep-sea shipping vessels
• Leases of Port owned or administered properties
• Marina services such as moorage, launching and fueling of vessels and camping.
Some recent examples of investments made by the Port to support these business streams are:
• New and improved floats at Clutesi Haven, Harbour Quay and China Creek marinas
• New tie-up bollards at Berth 3 in support of prospective larger capacity shipping vessels
• Improved boat houses at Clutesi Haven Marina
• Renewed and improved fuel system and equipment at Clutesi Haven and China Creek marinas
• Developed an environmentally sensitive weir at China Creek
• Security Camera Systems at Clutesi Haven, Harbour Quay and PA Terminals
• Installation of Tsunami Warning System at China Creek
Additionally, the Port Authority is working with Small Craft Harbours and has received further financial support, to date, from the West Coast Community Adjustment Program towards a major redevelopment of Fishermen’s Harbour. If all pieces of the project come together, the total investment in this community is projected to be approximately $8 Million.
In addition to investing in its own operations, which directly and indirectly contribute to the economic vitality of Port Alberni and the region the Port Authority is committed to supporting its community for the benefit of local businesses and residents. Like most other local organizations the Port believes in contributing to a number of local initiatives throughout the year as well as some large-scale community goals such as providing $25,000 towards the construction of the new Alberni Valley Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Information Centre and $5,000 to the Port Alberni Ambulance & Emergency Response Trailer.
For those that are interested in learning more about the Port Authority’s finances the annual financial statements are posted on its website under the “Administration” tab on the homepage located at: www.portalberniportyauthority.ca