My failure to choose before Monday 19th. A failure of nerve.

Faithful readers of my infrequent ravings, will be sorry to learn that I have been unable to reach useful common ground with any of the four major parties and the Bloc, fighting for your vote on Monday.
Locally I found the world view and analysis of the Marxist Leninist candidate, whose name I do not know not having seen any signs, was the most compelling, but since when was an election campaign the place to talk about serious issues?
Despite my failure to choose, I did get much amusement from the antics of all during the eternity of this campaign:
I laugh at the wedge issues attempts of the Tories – as derived from the inherent ageism and racism of many of their core support – and brought to us by an Aussie spin doctor (about whom us ex-pat New Zealanders are extremely racist). I hope these efforts will fail.
I laugh at the reprise of the age old Liberal trick of campaigning from the left and governing from the right – if the campaign directors email approach to the pipeline company is any guide.
I laugh at Mulcair's idea that he can balance budgets for the next 5, without seeing the books and knowing what the impacts of the huge decline in oil derived tax income will be.
I laugh at Lizzie May's contention that she wants to defeat Harper, then proceeding to run candidates in all ridings, thereby very likely helping to elect Tories in some.
I laugh at Duceppe, for still being around, despite his long expired sell by date and scarcity of new ideas.
I laugh at the niqab, hijab, burka and the 0.0000002% and 10 men in Canada who wear them, and at all desert based religions; and all who get their knickers in knots about hair styles, clothing choices, toenail colours and spelling on tattoos;
I laugh at the expense of the whole thing – I can only hope CBC have gotten sufficient crumbs from all parties to survive a little longer.
I will likely not be laughing at 7pm Monday.
I do have  the following fearless predictions:
The Green vote will decline further in all areas but BC;
Parliament will continue to be ill mannered and unproductive;
We will never get proportional rep;
Sooner or later the HST/GST will be increased to pay for war, planes, boats etc;
The rich will get much richer and the poor will be ignored; and
I will continue to avoid watching Blue Jays games.