Meet Jon French: Terminals Manager

A man of quick wit and worldly experience in shipping primarily in Great Britain, New Zealand and the Great Lakes, Jonathan (“Please, call me Jon”) French joined the Port Alberni Port Authority as Terminals Manager June 18th. With his calm demeanor and naturally friendly disposition Jon has quickly become a valued colleague and friend to everyone at the Port Authority. Jon took a few moments to better help us get to know him.
Most recently, Jon was a Marine Surveyor on the Great Lakes performing draft and dead weight surveys to determine the quantity of cargo on a ship. Prior to that he worked for a German shipping company as Operations Supervisor in Dunedin, New Zealand where 3 of his 4 children still reside. The passion he has for working with ocean going ships most attracted Jon to pursue this opportunity with the Port Authority; not to mention, of course his enjoyment of the west coast lifestyle, small town environment and living in close proximity to the open ocean again.
Clearly the gentleman has his priorities in order. When asked what he is missing most about coming to Port Alberni to start the job before his family can join him he listed missing his Triumph ahead of his partner, Mary Margaret and friends back in Ontario. Luckily, he brought one of his Jack Russell Terriers, Nelson, with him to Port Alberni and has a daughter nearby in Vancouver to take care of him while he waits for his TR6, his other 2 dogs and Mary Margaret to join him in Port Alberni.
“Gentleman Jon” has adjusted to his role and co-workers as if he’s always been a part of the Port Authority team. It certainly didn’t take him long to be receiving and giving good-natured quips of teasing and gest from and to his co-workers. Outside of the workplace, however, Jon is finding a bit of a challenge to get to know other people in Port Alberni. With his interests in old cars, railways, history and dogs there are a lot of people and groups in the community with whom he can join to share hobbies.
All of Jon’s new friends and colleagues encourage others to get to know him and help make him feel at home in Port Alberni. After all, he insists that he needs to make time and friends to go enjoy one of Port Alberni’s most famous institutions – the J&L Drive In.