Fishing Report (August 10, 2015)

Slivers Charters Salmon Sport Fishing
The Salmon Fishing in many of the Pacific Rim areas on West Coast Vancouver Island has been very good. The Alberni Inlet has been fabulous for Sockeye Salmon, which are the number 1 commercial salmon, for sport fishermen. The return of Sockeye to the Alberni Inlet is forecast to be at 1.8 million. Escapement for conservation measurements however has been low due to the lack of water in streams and rivers. Chinook and Coho are just beginning to migrate into Alberni Inlet waters and it is apparent that much needed water in the form of rain is of necessity.
The sport fishing in Barkley Sound has been on and off as salmon come into the area to feed on the rich resources of bait fish as they migrate to the big watersheds to the south. The best salmon fishing for Chinook and Coho has been the Bamfield Wall, Swale Rock and Gilbraltor Island. Offshore salmon fishing out of Ucluelet and Bamfield has been fantastic as South Bank areas and the Big Bank have been recently very good for Chinook in the high teens to mid twenty pound area in terms of weight. Coho salmon at times are in good numbers and are averaging seven to ten pounds. The Sport fishing up to this time has been consistently very good. August and September should continue to have some GREAT sport fishing opportunities especially for those many anglers visiting West Coast Vancouver Island and fishing with Guided trips or in their own sport fishing boats.
Port Alberni Inlet and Barkley Sound
The sport fishing in Port Alberni for Sockeye Salmon began in very late May and continues relatively strong right into the first half of August. Numbers of returning sockeye have been absolutely phenomenal. Sockeye are a fun fishery for all fishermen of all ages. The fishing is currently best in the China Creek area. Dunsmuir Point out to McTush has plenty of sockeye that are sitting in deper and cooler water from ninety to one hundred and thirty feet. Anglers are continuing to use mp15 hootchies and also the blue and pink and black and pink hootchies with eighteen to twenty-four inches of leader length. Chinook Salmon are beginning to show in the Inlet. The numbers of returning Chinook is unclear but the strength will be in the three year old class. There have been some early Chinook landed out on the Franklin Wall and also in the narrows and Underwood. The current Rule published by DFO beginning August 1st 2015 is that all Chinook salmon retained in the Alberni Inlet and Barkley Sound must be under 77cm in length. Those anglers that are beginning to target Chinook in the Alberni Inlet will often have the best success using bait in either a green haze or army truck Rhys Davis Teaser Head with a six foot leader behind green or chartreuse hotspot flashers.
Fishing in Barkley Sound has been on and off. There are some West Coast Vancouver Island Chinook and Coho migrating into the area on a daily basis. There are still plenty of migrating fish headed to the big watersheds to the south. The Bamfield Wall up to Whittlestone has had some great Chinook fishing. Swale Rock, Harbor Entrance and Gilbraltor Island at times have all been fantastic. Bait, and hootchies in a variety of green colors have been working very well. Some anglers that like using coyote spoons have done well on silver glow and green and blue nickel. August and the first half of September should see some fantastic fishing opportunities for many sport anglers.
Ucluelet West Coast Vancouver Island-Offshore
As usual the banks outside the Ucluelet Harbor and for that matter the Bamfield Harbor have been consistently very good all summer. The Big Bank, the Chair, Turtle head, Adipose and the inside and outside light located on South Bank have been fantastic fishing destinations. The salmon throughout the summer months have been in water from eighty feet right to the bottom. Over the past week South Bank locations have been extremely good with Chinook salmon sitting in water from ninety to one hundred and thirty feet. Anglers using anchovy, hootchies, and five and six inch spoons have all had great success. South Bank areas are all very close to the Ucluelet Harbor and the protected water of Barkley Sound and are fairly easy for those to fish in smaller sport fishing boats.
We are looking forward to some great sport fishing in all areas of West Coast Vancouver Island right through until mid September.