Dots that don't connect for me

A few things over the past week got me wondering if I have an action against Alberni First for breach of promise. After all I voted for two of their three successful council candidates, on the understanding that they were going to suggest new financing ideas and pursue regional issues and the interests of PAPA. Now it seems to me that the three of them have been silent on a number of these issues. Of course others have been equally silent, which is not unusual in one case.
I suppose I should have understood that the fix was in as soon as they started to yak about not actually working as a group, after they were elected. I wonder what the 50 odd punters, some of whom paid into the nearly $9,000 war chest think about it all?
First, I see that the Mayor Mike was able to stack the coal review committee with his campaign workers and known coal opponents – was there a peep from the gang of three on that? Then I see that some knee jerk motion was passed in support from something from, was it Hope? opposed to Site C. How did they vote on that? Besides who in Victoria after all gives a rats arse what PA council thinks about Site C. When I last looked Van Is was still very dependent on mainland hydro, quite apart from the on-going need to be in some sort of step with Victoria, given the realities of our community needs and already antagonistic attitude toward NPD areas. Then the story about the difficulties faced by volunteer fire departments. Surely this was an opportunity for the Alberni Firsters to start laying out their ideas and options for region wide solutions. The final straw for me was the admittedly muted chatter about a new pool. Surely that would have been a golden chance to start the regional pool discussion, to say nothing of their promised alternative funding ideas.
Alberni First made some serious and some attractive sounding promises and all we are getting is more of the same. It seems to me that the boogeyman of the past fractious council should not be an excuse to stifle some vigorous debate. Debate need not lead to long term animosity. Besides the mayors campaign guff shrilled his mediation abilities – lets put them to the test. If the mayor, and only the mayor, gets to pull the strings why bother with the rest of council at all? We did not elect a dictator, regardless of his popularity – or did we?
I suppose once again none of us are expected to have a memory for past events that extends much further than the last episode of Dalton Abbey.