Canada Day Info

The 2009 Canada Day parade will be here sooner than you think! We invite entries from everyone in our community - come celebrate Canada Day with us. Every size of entry is welcome, from a group of neighbours walking together, to bicycles, cars and floats -- whatever your imagination and resources allow. This parade is free to enter, but please remember, the deadline for entries is June 10.
On July 1, we "CELEBRATE OUR VALLEY!" - that's the theme for the 2009 Canada Day parade. Examples might include: our natural wonders, our heritage, people and their accomplishments, events, industries, values -- any of the things that make our valley unique and special. Looking for ideas? On the internet, google "how to build a parade float" -- be sure to use the quote marks. You will get dozens of sites with tons of ideas from very small and up.
For entry forms and queries, e-mail us at
We also have an information page at
Phone enquiries: 250.724.7293
As you build your ideas for a parade entry, here are a couple of points to keep in mind:
Music (recorded or live) adds an upbeat mood, and helps set your entry apart from others. If you are using "props" to liven up your entry, please remember that no items should ever be thrown from your entry to the
spectators. Especially, avoid confetti, silly string and water. Confetti and silly string are impossible to clean up effectively. As for water -with so many people using electronics, such as cell phones, digital cameras,
iPods, Blackberries; etc, a single splash of water could cause serious problems. .
We look forward to seeing you in the parade on Wednesday, July 1!
Our sponsors, participants, volunteers and spectators make our Canada Day events possible. Join us for Canada's 142nd birthday on July 1, as we Celebrate Our Valley The Canada Day events are organized by the Port Alberni Folkfest Multicultural Society -- our 32nd year! We are a 100% volunteer group, and we always welcome new members.