Bear Smart Myths

“Bear Smart” Myths
Myth: Reporting a bear sighting means the bear will be destroyed.
Truth: Killing a bear does not solve the problem. Another bear will simply move into the available territory. By reporting a bear sighting, the Conservation Officer Service can observe the bear and take non-lethal steps to implement a healthy respect and fear of humans; methods such as removing attractants, negative conditioning and relocation. Yes, every year bears are destroyed due to bear-human conflicts, but as a last measure and always preventable.
Myth: A bungee cord to hold down the lid of a garbage can makes it bear proof.
Truth: “...if it can be dismantled using a crowbar then it is not bear proof.” – Bears are incredibly strong and persistent, a bungee cord is no match for a black bear. For curb side solutions visit to view various polycarts that are relatively inexpensive, easily moved and come in different sizes.
Myth: All bears are “problem” bears.
Truth: “Problem” bears are made not born. Conditioning to non-natural food sources brings bears into frequent contact with humans and results in a higher chance of bear-human conflicts. Preventative measures will encourage a peaceful co-existence of black bears and humans.
For more information on how to bear-proof your campsite & home property or to volunteer with the Alberni Valley Bear Smart Committee call:
Dawn Boyce 250-723-2187 or
Darlene Clark 250-724-4657
Information provided by Christina Brack AVBSC Volunteer & Bear Smart Community Program and Crystal McMillan, Executive Director Bear Smart Society BC
For more information on the Ministry of Environment Bear Smart Community Program or the Bear Smart BC Society please call:
Crystal McMillan at 250-(BEAR) 2327.