Bear Alert - Immediate Action Required

The following summary is based upon a compilation of bear information provided by
government agencies and unconfirmed sightings reported by the public over the last
several weeks. It is not intended to be used as a real time, complete record of where bears are in
the valley.
Be aware of your surroundings, know how to reduce the likelihood of encounters, and be
prepared should an encounter take place. Always use caution by paying attention to
signs of bear activity such as scats, tracks, and diggings. Make lots of noise while hiking;
hike in groups when possible; carry pepper spray; and remove all backyard attractants.
There has been black bear activity within the residential areas of Mary Street, River Road and Margaret Street. Immediate action is required to prevent further human-bear conflict and reduce possible risk to human safety and damage to personal property. Sightings have also occurred near 8th Avenue and Roger Street as well as Taylor Way. Recent sockeye fishing may be luring black bears into human-use areas; diligence is required to completely remove fish offal from fishing sites.
Keep all bear attractants including garbage & recycling in a secured enclosure such as a garage, workshop or similar structure until the morning of pickup; burn barbeque grills clean after each use and store your barbeque indoors (tank removed); take away birdfeeders (including hummingbird feeders); feed pets indoors; ensure compost is well covered with dry material such as shredded newspaper and dry yard waste (grass clippings, leaves etc...)
Report all wildlife-human interactions where public safety may be at risk to the Conservation Officer Service at 1-877-952-RAPP (7277).
Information provided by Christina Brack, Bear Smart BC Society Volunteer and Crystal McMillan, Executive Director Bear Smart BC Society
For more “Bear Smart” information, questions, concerns or to volunteer please contact:
Dawn Boyce 250-723-2187 or Christina Brack 250-723-9200
For more information on the Ministry of Environment Bear Smart Community Program or the Bear Smart BC Society please call: Crystal McMillan at 250-650-9653
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