Bear Alert!!

Attention All Port Alberni Residents!
Immediate action is required to prevent further bear-human conflict in the following areas:
Cameron Heights - 1 adult female with two cubs
Scott Road (north side of Ship Creek) - 1 adult female with one cub
The attractant reported has been FRUIT TREES. Continue to be diligent in securing garbage and recycling in a bear proof enclosure. Further action is required in harvesting fruit from the trees and fallen fruit from the ground.
These bears' behaviour will be monitored in the upcoming weeks and will determine the final management decisions. There are plenty of natural food sources for the bears and no need for them to be raiding residential areas. Do not encourage the bears to feed in urban areas. Remove attractants immediately from your property to help these bears return to their natural behaviour. Not only are they eating to produce fat reserves for the winter, but the cubs are learning where to find food and what is edible. They are learning bad habits that will only perpetuate generations of "problem" bears.
For more information on how to bear-proof your campsite & home property or to volunteer with the Alberni Valley Bear Smart Committee call:
Dawn Boyce 250-723-2187 or
Darlene Clark 250-724-4657
For more information on the Ministry of Environment Bear Smart Community Program or the Bear Smart BC Society please call: Crystal McMillan at 250-(BEAR) 2327.