Be Safe in The Working Harbour

It is extremely sad that it often takes a tragedy to remind people to stop, think and act in a Safety-First manner wherever and whatever they do. The tragic death of a scuba diver next to Port Alberni Harbour Quay on July 31st is the worst possible outcome for everyone involved. The events that led to this accident are under investigation by the appropriate agencies. From the perspective of the Port Alberni Port Authority this event serves as a reminder to all that the Alberni Harbour is a mixed-activity working harbour that we can enjoy when its risks are recognized and respected.
A wide variety of activities have historically taken place with, for the most part, successful mutual respect and co-existence since the Alberni Harbour was established and as it has evolved to include new tourism related activities. Industrial shipping; commercial, First Nations and recreational fisheries; windsurfing, kiteboarding, kayaking and, on occasion, diving; and, even float plane landings and take-offs, are all known to take place in the Alberni Harbour and Inlet. With expected changes in the forest industry, the prospects of additional commodities shipping, increased interest in water-based ecotourism and a proposed redevelopment of Fishermen’s Harbour activities and use of the Alberni Harbour is only expected to increase in the future.
The expectation of increased and more varied use of our waters should only further emphasize the need for all users to raise awareness of others’ and their own personal safety. It must be everyone’s priority to understand the rules of the water. We also strongly encourage you to become a qualified and competent operator or participant of whatever activities you pursue on or in the water to ensure you receive the greatest enjoyment you can in the safest way possible.