Are Catalyst bleating about taxes yet again?

No sooner do we get the new gang in to the city and municipal halls, than Catalyst begin beating their tax drum again. A recent CBC radio interview implied that it was directed at Powell River, where the mill must be having the greatest profitability challenge of the remaining three mills. Although the Powell River mayor was quite persuasive as he rattled off the relative rates (ratios) of industrial and business tax compared to residential.
 Hands up any one out there who heard the words 'paper mill' even mentioned during the 6 week campaign. We did hear mutterings from the Co. of a return to at least a cash profitability and them floating the idea that they would repeat past mistakes and buy US assets - go figure. But there was no clear acknowledgement from any of the aspirants, that i heard, that their contribution to our taxes - nearly one quarter i think is absolutely crucial.
 Last time we gave needed and fair tax concessions to Catalyst, home owners took the hit ... will city hall give at the office next time? Welcome to the brave new word Mike et al.