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"Where's Brian?"         "CLOSED DUE TO FLOODING!"

"Who needs a handgun when you've got a semi-automatic?"

"But you've seen a red leather couch before..."

"It was like he'd read my palm."     "WARM UP THE DUCK LIPS!"

"I declare these streets, any streets, my vagina's country!"

Yes, all things you get to say if you are part of The Vagina Monologues!!!!

Call or email for an audition time . . .250-723-7883   gwynne1(at)

Showtime: 8 Pm February 20th (& March 5th possibly)

Auditions: Saturday January 16th ALL DAY!


Art Matters Society has raised $77,000 to donate to groups that end violence against women and girls—this is our 20th production-the 4th time in Port Alberni!

We Need You!  Only 3 rehearsals-guaranteed fun and laughter.  Be part of the solution.

No acting experience necessary!


Art Matters Society

Artistic Director: Gwynne Hunt







Auditions! January 16th, 2016

The Vagina Monologues & Breast Friends

February 20th @ Char's Landing AND we are doing a show as part of International Women's Day March 5th --Wise Woman Celebration with ACAWS.  At the Italian Hall.  For that event we have a few alumni cast coming fro the Mainland to reprise their original roles (about 6 women), so I need local actors for that as well.  AND, I did write a short script called Breast Friends-need actors for that.
We will be holding auditions January 16th for BOTH Vagina Monologues show and Breast Friends. Start at 9 AM and go until 7 PM. 
As there are 3 shows to audition for you will need to be here at least an hour.  Book your audition time as soon as possible. Please check your dates before you book to make sure you are free those days.
Sat Feb 20
Sat March 5th

Gwynne Hunt
Artistic Director
Art Matters Society
The Vagina Monologues

Sponsored by Main Artery & Art Link

Friday February 27 & Saturday February 28th

Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues

@ Char's Landing 

Doors at 7 PM/show at 7:30 PM

Tickets will be available at the door but if you want to secure a seat buy them in advance at the Main Artery @ the Quay.

Excellent local cast--new unseen monologues-fun, provocative and edgy theatre!

Tickets $15

New for 2015!!

The Vagina Monologue's Auditions
Saturday January 31, 2015
TBA location
Call Gwynne for an audition time and place 250-723-7883
Show Friday Feb 27th and Sat Feb 28th @ Char's Landing (benefit showings)
Tickets $15
Free preview event at Art Rave Social @ Char's Wed Feb 25th . . .
If you would like to audition please contact me by phone or email . . .
Only 4 rehearsals on either Saturdays or Sundays.
Also ask me about participating in the One Billion Rising event coming up this year!
Art Matters Society-"to foster and encourage the arts"

Fringe was awesome! Great shows and a lot of fun-the downside is that our audience numbers were 1/2 what they were the first year.  We have asked ourseves, how can that be? BUT THERE IT IS;929 PEOPLE ATTENDED IN YEAR ONE, 488 ATTENDED IN YEAR TWO.

Where does the Alberni Valley Fringe Theatre Festival go from here?  You cannot attract out of town shows if they are going to go home broke. We have come to the conclusion that Port Alberni is not a big enough town to support a Fringe-$84 to $100 (depending on the number of shows)is a lot of money for a Pass even though that means you are able to see 12-20 shows for that price.  You need a bigger urban base to support the variety of shows. As Fringe is unjuried we cannot pick the shows that come to town-it is first come, first served.

As we did the same amount of promotion and marketing, offered the same types of shows, in the same venue and all things seemed the same there does not seem to be any explanation for the drop in numbers.  As Artistic Drirectore I have 17 years experience organizing not only Fringe Festivals but many other theatre productions and have concluded Port Alberni is too small to support a Fringe evry year.

Art Matters Society is comitted to bringing live, unjuried theatre to the Alberni Valley. We have come up with three ideas and would appreciate feedback so we know how to proceed.

1) Offer a Fringe Festival every two years.

2) Create a new festival F.A.C.E. (we did this for 5 years in Abbotsford). Festival of Artistic & Creative Expression. The F.A.C.E. of Port Alberni! We would offer lighter (still unjuried) productions and encourage out of town shows to still come but have the ability to chose the shows. We could do this in a theatre setting. Maybe a couple of children's shows in the afternoon-a local production and perhaps an out of town juggler. In the evening one or two radio plays, a comedy and maybe a musical performance.  Some local, some out of town.

3) Or we could present F.A.C.E. as an outdoor event (perhaps at the Quay?) A two-day theatlrical celebration of the arts.

We are looking for feedback. Our Board will meet in the fall.  Did you go to the Fringe? Do you want to Fringe? Do you like the idea of an indoor theatre F.A.C.E. or an outdoor celebration of F.A.C.E..?

Contact Gwynne @ with your thoughts and ideas.thanks!


The Fringe is coming-here is a sneak preview of what it is all about!

Tickets are available June 5th at The Main Artery, 4969 Argyle Street.

Delicious Fringe-a-Licious
Alberni Valley Fringe Theatre Festival
June 19-22, 2014

At the Main Venue (Capitol Theatre)
Thursday, June 19-A Night of One-Acts
7 PM        A Capital Offense    by Joan Donaldson-Yarmey      $8
                 (a light -hearted romp through the lives of a couple affected by the husband signing a book deal. How  can one person change so much? It is a fun half hour to find out)  .Port Alberni General Audience
8 PM       A Good Life               by Gwynne Hunt                       $8
                (Prince George, BC, 1976-Maggie struggles with the fast-paced times and her new liberation. A look at one  woman who could have been a statistic on the Highway of Tears.  She's sassy and fun but not equipped to handle the revolution).Port Alberni Restricted (over 14)
9 PM       The Birth of Releasing Light Kreations (Jason Titian) $8
                (Through dance and his carvings Jason tells a story of struggle and pain-presented again this year for those  who did not see this powerful piece last year). Port Alberni general audience

10 PM    PA Improv $8
                  See all four shows for $25!

Friday, June 20th at the Capitol Theatre:
7 PM       Zelda:the last flapper                Portal Players       $8
               William Luce's script tells the fascinating life of Zelda Fistzgerald. This was in the one-act festival shows from earlier this year and a must see, if you missed it).
               Port Alberni-mature audience
8:30 PM The Human Body Project       Tasha Diamant        $10
                (By showing up as vulnerably as possible, naked at 52 and unscripted, Diamant helps us see and feel our connection to our own bodies and selves, each other, and the bigger global picture).
                 Victoria Restricted
10 PM    Stories of Love & Passion       Best Bitts Productions  $10
               (Trinda Reed producer of last year's Rosie's Bitt's of Tease Cabaret takes us on a more intimate journey.)  Victoria   Restricted
              See all 3 shows for $25!


Saturday, June 21 at the Capitol Theatre:
1 PM     a second showing of Joan Donaldson-Yarmey's A Capital Offense
2 PM     a second showing of Gwynne Hunt's A Good Life
4 PM     Dancing With Fish     Sunshine Clown Company           $10
              (It is about a lifelong friendship between two eccentric men.  There is magic and fantasy and it is
              a warmly memorable show) Victoria-general audience
7 PM     The Hatter        Spired Theatre                                       $10
                (A performance jammed with storytelling, songs, emotional problems and even a jabberwocky-
                with free tea.  Andrew Wade is a professional actor who brings a show not like any other).
                 Richmond Mature (over 14)
8:30 PM     A second showing of The Human Body Project
10:15 PM The New Bitt`s of Tease Cabaret       Best Bitts Productions   $12
                  (Burlesque at it`s best! They raised the roof of the old theatre last year-this show is guaranteed to bring the  house down) Victoria Restricted
Sunday, June 22 at the Capitol Theatre
1 PM        a second showing of Zelda:the last flapper
4 PM        a second showing of The Hatter
7 PM        My Anxious Life                Pondering             $8
                 (Tara brings us her story told with laughter and compassion through the eyes of a stand up comic)
                  Victoria  Mature (over 14)
8:15 PM  a second showing of Dancing With Fish
9:30 PM  Closing-draws called and People`s Choice Award given out

1-3 PM at the Rollin Art Centre A Taste of Delicious Fringe-a-licious (at the gazebo join us for some snippets of shows and FREE face  painting, music.


At the Bavarian Centre-our second venue: Saturday June 21
11AM-3 PM  Lunch Fringe Finger Food for performers, volunteers and the general public ($3-$8 for cheap eats)
4 PM             Summer in the City        CAP                    $4 for adults-$2 for kids
                       Main Artery`s Creative Art Play class presents this partly scripted and partly improv
                       production with kids from 6-10 years old-talented and precocious cast.
                       Port Alberni-all ages
5-7 PM venue closed for set-up of On & At The Fringe art show

7 PM            Music with singer/songwriter Misha       $6
7:30 PM       first presentation of My Anxious Life   $8  (see Sunday Capitol)


On & At the Fringe Art Show-Bavarian Centre
Live dj music-live and not so live art installations-the place to BE!
 Body painting and at 9:30 PM PA Improv
Sure to be the talk of the Fringe.                                            $5

It would cost $115 to see all of the shows-you can buy a Fringe Pass for $84!  Buy a Fringe Bug pin for $2 and get discounts to local restaurants and shops around town. Become a member and receive Fringe Benefits-for $10 for the first year and $5 every year after you receive huge savings (a free Fringe Bug Pin, 10% off all tickets, a Fringe pass for a member is only $75-savings all around and you get to support and promote live, unjuried theatre! Also your entry fee to On & At The Fringe is free.)


For more information call Gwynne 250-723-7883
Tickets in advance at the Main Artery, 4969 Argyle St Fringe Central



 On & At the Fringe Art Show-enter to win a $50 People's Choice Award. Still or live unjuried art show to be held Sat June 21 10 PM to midnight. Live dj music and interesting art pieces/installations. Applications at the Main Artery now.

 The Vagina Monologues-- Saturday March 29th at 8 PM at the Capitol Theatre. This is an Art Matters Society and Main Artery production. Tickets at the Main Artery, 4969 Argyle Street, Port Alberni.This benefit showing will donate funds to A.C.A.W.S. and to projects to end violence against women and girls sponsored by Art Matters Society. Tickets will be $15 in advance or $20 at the door. Call Gwynne @ 250-723-7883 or


March 29th                The Vagina Monologues at the Capitol Theatre-tickets $15 in advance at the Main Artery-tickets $18 at the door. 8 PM curtain. No intermission (90 min long)

June  19,20,21,22         The Alberni Valley Fringe Theatre Festival-our 2nd annual event! tickets at the Main Artery/passes/Fringe bug pins and more!  Applications to bring a show to the Fringe are available now by emailing or o to

The Fringe Wants You!  Enter your play, poem, performance art piece, musical act, dance, singer/songwriter . . .whatever art you perform and join us. 100% of the door goes to the artist.


Art Matter's Society benefits the community . . in 2013

On February 9, 2013 Art Matter's produced The Vagina Monologues, an initiative to raise awareness and to help end violence against women and girls.  Playing to a packed house, the actors received a standing ovation.  At the Annual General Meeting on February 17th it was decided how to best use the money raised by the show.

Art Matter's Society sponsored the One Billion Rising event on February 14th at Char's Landing, 10% of proceeds went to the New York headquarters for the One Billion Rising Global campaign  After expenses 25% of proceeds were donated to the Alberni Community and Women's Society.

Art Matter's Society is providing a $500 grant and is taking applications from any non-profit in the community who has a specific program that works to end violence against women. To obtain an application form please drop by the Main Artery or email  The deadline for applications is May 31, 2013 and funds will be dispersed by mid-June.

Art Matter's Society reserved funds for their own 2013/2014 local initiatives like Social Justice and the Art's Day on May 18th

Art Matter's Society fosters and encourages the development of live theatre arts in the Alberni Valley and promotes an appreciation for live unjuried theatre to include issues of social justice.

Friday June 16

11 -4 PM Rollin Art Centre—artisans, music, First Nations Basket Display in the gallery.
8:00 PM – Capitol Theatre -C.R.Avery ($10 or wrist band)
8:30 PM-Bongo Bar (free)

Saturday June 17

11 -4 PM Rollin Art Centre—Days with the Arts - artisans, music, First Nations Basket Display in the gallery and children's art activities.
11-3 PM Tyee Landing – Port DAY -
11AM-6 PM - From Punk to Funk art show, Spoken Word with children (5 PM)(free)
11 am-3 PM-follow the yellow brick road for Spoken Word at Steampunk Cafe, Fantasy Art Show at Ocean Valley Ink, free sketch pad at the Main Artery.
3 PM-Hullaboo with Andrew Wade at Art Matters Art Centre ($5 or wrist band)
4 PM-CD release party with Katrina Kadosky at Art Matters Art Centre ($5 or wrist band)
Noon- Chars Landing-C.R.Avery & local poets (free)
1:30-10 PM – Capitol Theatre – Free play readings at 1:30
7:30 PM - Capitol William vs the World ($10 or wrist band)
8:30 PM-Capitol-Cougar Annie ($10 or wrist band)
10 PM-Art Matters Art Centre-Emerald City Beatnik & Bongo Bar ($5 or wrist band)

Sunday, June 18th

11 AM-3 PM-Art Matters Art Centre-puppet show, Junk to Funk art show, gift basket draw at 2 PM


Contact Name: 

Gwynne Hunt

Contact Phone #: